SELF EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (REGISTER NOW AND BE EMPOWERED) “NASEN” a good thing coming the ways of self-employed persons in Nigeria; considering the neglect on the plight of those who are self-employed over the years, a solution has come and it is at your own door step.

This solution is a unified front referred to as National Association of Self Employed Nigerians (NASEN), which provide a comprehensive security for those who are in this class; such security ranges from financial security, access to free legal services, access to free training and mentorship, these and many more will be at your door step.

Considering the self-employed persons plight, it is only the Self Employed Persons in Nigeria that does not have access to funds except with tangible collateral; it is only the Self Employed persons in Nigeria that accept government policies without a choice, even when it is obvious that they are the hub of any Nation’s economy.

The good thing is that NASEN has built a security around you to enable you protect your social right, become productive and improve your personal income growth (PIG) and by implication, build a strong economy for Nigeria; with this, we will someday chant our love for Nigeria.

National Association of Self-Employed Nigerians (NASEN) is an organized body for those who are self-employed in Nigeria; it was registered on the 21st January 2016 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to promote the Nigerian socio-economic activates aimed at building a robust economic structure that will with the passage of time, reduce poverty to zero level. In other words, NASEN is an association that fosters the economic well -being of her members devoid of religion, tribe or profession.

NASEN has identified inadequate support for self-employed initiatives as a major problem militating against Nigerian economy and social development; however, this has called for a unified front for all self-employed persons across the country devoid of professions. We have come together to build what is referred to as corporate trust, in other words “NASEN”, a security that cannot be over emphasized in anyway; hence being a member of NASEN protect your social right and privileges.

This process is cut-across the 36 state including FCT Abuja and it is a measures taking to build sustainable economic development using the self-employed initiatives.

Over the years the self-employed persons have been at the receiving end of wrong polices, and inability to manage those polices that seems to be better has brought about the wrong approach to the overall economy, which has affected the development of our great nation.

However, it is obvious that the self-employed persons in Nigeria do not have any form of security, today NASEN has built such security which is within the ambit of the law around you, and hence your trust will strengthen the security. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the socio-economic development of Nigeria starting from your own first step with NASEN, to improve your own well-being.

The need to take records of self-employed persons across the country is born out of passion to strengthen the Nigerian economy through a self-employed initiative, considering the Nigerian fundamentals as identified.

NASEN’s Mentorship programs, Funding, and free Legal services are the three major strategic key points, therefore we encourage everyone in this class to register with NASEN; don’t be left out. The benefit is immeasurable.

This project is expected to encourage transparency, promote funding and repayment amongst all members of NASEN. The scheme is driven by the self-employed initiatives with the aim of supporting the up-springs of over 1million Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and 25 million jobs across the country by the year 2022.

NASEN SOCIAL TRUST FUND SCHEME is designed to proceed with training, funding and mentoring of those who are starters, and for those who have existing ventures, however guidelines for startup and expansion will be given to reduce risk in investment.

NASEN is training individuals to acquire entrepreneurial skills for free, based on their area of interest while making funds accessible for startups and expansion without collateral.

The training becomes necessary, as it will create awareness on Nigerian diverse economy and ensure that funds are invested in the right ventures and not in illusion; we thereby reiterate here that training is free for all NASEN members.

Comprehensive Benefits:
  • Access to funding without collateral
  • Access to free Training, and Mentoring
  • Free Legal Services and protection on Double Taxation, Exorbitant Utility Bills and other form of extortions.
However, you have the opportunity to start up a small and medium scale business or to expand your existing business without going through the usual vigorous processes. To achieve this aim while keep records of success, registration of self-employed persons in Nigeria is needed and cannot be over emphasized.

NASEN is your strength, build your trust in self-employed initiative today and regain your civil and social rights; together we will build a strong economy for Nigeria.

For further inquiries and update call +234 – (0) 8183029652, Become a registered member today to enjoy all benefits and take charge of your future. Membership Registration and Identity card cost #1000 only.

(Register Now!)

Account Details: Name (National Association of Self Employed Nigerians) Bank: (Diamond Bank) A/C No: 0075334678
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