Desk Agents Needed

The services of Desk Agents are required

National Association of Self Employed Nigeria (NASEN) has commenced capturing of all self employed persons in Nigeria.

This became necessary at this time as it will ensure commitment, equity/farness and accountability in the management of NASEN self employment development programs.

National Association of Self Employed Nigerians (NASEN) is an organized body for those who are self employed in Nigeria; it is seen as a systemic economic development organization that will with the passage of time reduce poverty to zero level.

However, NASEN promote Personal Income Growth (PIG) this will be achieved by fostering the economic wellbeing of her members devoid of profession across the country.

National Association of Self Employed Nigerians (NASEN) is seen as corporate trust for those who are or intend to be self employed.

In this case you don’t need to be trusted as a person in transactions of any kind by an individual or organization including government and their agencies; hence NASEN is your trust and formed security for all self-employed persons in Nigeria.

This system promote funding without collateral of any form, porches on credit, documented agreement and other form of business relationship that could promote and straighten the Nigerian economy.

Requirements that qualifies you to enjoy NASEN security; Registration Fee #1000 Monthly Dues #200

An Identity Card (ID) will be issued after the process of registration is completed.

The process and issuance of the (Social Security Identity) will commence (The SSID serves as a financial instrument for self employed persons).

With NASEN as your (TRUST) which forms your (SECURITY) Life is made easy for every individual that is captured under National Association of Self Employed Nigerians.

However, to ensure effectiveness of NASEN programs, creating awareness across the country becomes very important at this time, this will insure that individuals and groups in this class are captured even at the grass-root. NASEN’s target is to capture over 78% of Nigerians who are self employed under NASEN data base, this will facilitate achievement in regards to reducing poverty to zero level.

However, the service of desk agents are required across the country.

Job description: Data capturing of self employed persons across the country

Requirement: You must be a registered member of NASEN; you must have a Smart phone or a tablet, Laptop or own a business center with an Internet services (Modem)

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